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Making estimation and bidding easy and fast for commercial subcontractors

Our expert estimators use artificial intelligence to create a super-accurate takeoff from the plan, then we get material prices from the specified supplier and  calculate the labor price, based on your settings so that you start looking at projects with a fully priced bid that you can quickly update and send.

No more late nights trying to keep up with the bids for your GCs.

Make bidding easy, accurate and fast at a lower cost

With detailed estimation, quantity take offs, material pricing, labor pricing and bid generation done for you, you can bid on anything and everything you want!

Get accurate estimates on time, every time and reduce your cost of

Gamyte Benefits

Easy and Accurate

You will never have to deal with a missing quantity that costs you money again.

Every Bid is triple-checked for quality. Once by our Artificial Intelligence-based Estimatior, once by our expert estimators and finally by our Quality Assurance Team.


How much time does it take you to prepare and send bids today?

The average is days, with Gamyte a large bid will take less than an hour...

It Costs Less

Your time is precious and your team's time is precious.

We are 30% cheaper than what you do today.

Our technology means that we can do a better job for a better price than any other option.

Everything Always Available Everywhere

Ever been on site and the General Contractor has a question about your bid?

Ever had a GC disputes the scope of the work when you invoice?

Your bids are stored safely and securely in the cloud and you can access all of them from anywhere on any device.