Bidding in hours, not days.

Gamyte is an AI-based preconstruction platform that brings easy, fast, accurate estimation and bidding directly from the bid request for subcontractors at a fraction of the cost.

  • Quantities and Materials from the plan.
  • Labor Prices based on your costs.
  • Material Prices from the named supplier on your behalf, with an audit trail.
  • Personalized Proposal at the click of a button.
  • An estimator that you can speak with whenever you need to.
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality.

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Better bids in hours

Your competition knows what they are doing and they are fierce!

Everything in Gamyte is geared towards helping you play your A game at a fraction of the cost.

Our expert estimators use Artificial Intelligence to create the highest accuracy takeoff from the architectural plan.

Our labor pricing calculator has decades of construction expertise built-in. It will take you minutes to configure it to calculate your labor cost based on salaries, materials and the capabilities of your team.

We'll even get material price quotes from the specified supplier on your behalf so that when you start looking at a project, your starting points is a fully priced bid that you can quickly update and send.

Our estimation team will write detailed notes on the project and summarize and annotate the architectural plan.

Let us help you to bid more...


Anyone on your team can now bid for you

Gamyte has simplified all aspects of bidding, which means that it's no longer just the senior people on the team that can submit winning bids.

“So many new possibilities are created when you can rely on the quality of the takeoff and the labor prices are so good. Since we started using Gamyte my more junior people prepare 90% of my bids, making it possible for us to bid way more.”

Valentin Tudor, Owner, Stone Age

Never lose track of a bid again

All of your bids will be available to you in one place, making it easy to keep track of what you've bid, what you've won and respond to bidding questions.

“On bigger projects we used to spend days responding to simple questions. Everything is easy to find in Gamyte”

Ali Kibaroglu, Owner, Parastone

How we make bidding easy for you.


Fast, Easy Project Registration

Just forward the bid request email to us.

Task management

Up-front Quote

We'll tell you how much the bid will cost before doing the work.


Always Accurate Estimation

3 stage, AI-enhanced estimation process provides industry-leading accuracy.


Your Labor Prices

5 minutes of configuration and we can calculate your labor price on every bid.

Your Material Prices

We'll contact material suppliers on your behalf for material quotes.

1-click Proposal

Generate a proposal at the click of a button

Why the most successful subcontractors use Gamyte

Stoneage works on big, complicated projects. We bid a lot and accuracy is important because mistakes cost money. I've been using Gamyte since 2018 and they have never let me down.

Valentin Tudor

Owner of Stoneage, NY

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