One End-to-End Platform, Powered by AI

From Bidding to Closeout. Proposals to Change Orders. Submittals to Billing.

For Specialty Contractors. By Specialty Contractors.

The only solution to save time, save money and manage your construction estimating and bidding process in an incredibly easy and efficient way.

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Turbo Charge Your Construction Estimating and Bidding.

Your estimation team is your most expensive resource. Streamline your construction estimating process!

SMART DASHBOARD generates analytics around bidding, win rates, and follow-ups.

AI predicted time and effort per project, faster construction estimates, material vendor management, and one-click proposals.

Send 2x as many bids per month.

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Effectively Manage GC Relationships. Increase Productivity. 

Simple, automated, digitalized solutions for every interaction with your clients in all phases of your commercial construction project from submittals, to RFIs to closeouts.

25% time-saving per week

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Protect Your Profit Margins. Minimize Risk. Win More Work.

Safeguard your bottom line by effectively managing and automating construction management processes such as AIA billing, construction submittals, and change order management. 

Salvage 10-15% of your profits.

construction management software available from multiple devices

Estimate faster. Streamline your bidding. Win more work.

Gamyte uses AI tools to automate construction cost estimating. Your preconstruction lifecycle will be 30% faster.

Our centralized platform allows anyone on your team creates and downloads the desired documents, whether it is about estimating and bidding or AIA billing.

With Gamyte you can get rid of all the spreadsheets. You will have control over all your projects, change orders, schedule of values, and billing.



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Our AI-based algorithms identify relevant projects, estimate time and effort required and generate bids!

  • Automated Initial Analysis
  • Efficient Estimation Management
  • Material Vendor Management
  • Intelligent Takeoffs
  • Auto-Proposals
  • Bid Reporting & Analysis

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Incredibly simplified processes with ONE click access to all relevant documents necessary to start your project off right

  • Tech-Advanced Samples & Submittals
  • Automatically Generated Schedule of Values
  • Document Management and Cloud-Based Storage

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Project Management

Automated solutions for manual and time-consuming processes like Change Orders, Billing, and Field Management.

  • Reports & RFIs
  • Automated Change Orders
  • AIA Billing integrated with various billing software
  • Closeout Documents

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Data & Analytics

Its always all about the Data! No more lost data. No more re-work. Structured data that can generate all the statistics you need to track productivity.

  • From our platform, one click takes your data and generates anything you need from a bid, to an SOV to a bill. 
  • SMART Dashboard that formulates your bidding strategy, GC by GC


Gamyte has revolutionized the way we bid for our clients. Our bidding has increased three-fold. Our employees are working smarter, not harder thanks to Gamyte.

Serkan Onalan
Silver Slate Group

Finally! A one-stop software solution built specifically for subcontractors. All my documents, from contracts to COs all in one place that I can access even from the job site.

Robert Sercaru
Icon Works

Change order management has always been a hassle for my company and eats into my already tight margins. Thanks to Gamyte, our CO process is tighter than it has ever been. Plus, manual things like the close out process are done in a matter of minutes!

Val Tudor
Stone Age


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