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Created: 25 March, 2021

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How does Gamyte help me to understand the scope?

We produce Annotated Plans with estimator notes which will help you to understand a 60+ hours of estimation project in 2 hours max.

How does Gamyte handle the materials?

Gamyte focuses on the quantity takeoffs and making it easy to produce proposals from there. The bid screen allows you to enter your material prices and fine tune the bid amounts to get a good number for your proposal.

How does Gamyte handle the RFIs?

If there is an RFI we would raise it to you and ask you to raise it to the GC.

How does Gamyte handle the Addendums?

If there are addendums we will do them for ¼ of the purchase price of purchasing the project. For those that use Planswift, we make the Planswift file available in case you want to do the addendum yourself.

How does Gamyte ensure the quality?

We’re highly focused on quality and every takeoff goes through a Quality Assurance stage. Even then there are mistakes, but rarely. We stand behind our work though and in the event that there is an issue with a project we sell you, we will refund you the purchased cost of the work that we did.

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