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by Sila Keskin in October 12th, 2021

How does it affect the profitability?

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Although the construction sector has a very large share globally, the employee productivity has not increased as much as other sectors in the recent period. Based on the Reinventing Construction: A route to higher productivity, a McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, while other industries have shown 2.8% productivity growth, construction sector has increased only 1%. This productivity gap between construction sector and the other industries can be bridged by adaptation of digitalization and automation in the construction companies.

Find the best digitalization opportunities for the company

As technology develops, many time consuming tasks have become replaceable by a software. Scheduling, project assignments, due date tracking are all online and accessible by all team members. Even though construction sector will always be harder to automate and digitalize than other industries, the construction companies can adapt new practices and use technology to create more efficient workflows.

By time and data tracking, you can improve overall project management process, investigate the bottlenecks and make data driven decisions.

In Gamyte, we allow you to handle every step from the initial assessment of the project to the submittals and closeouts. Everything cumbersome step is automated and digitalized in one platform. In order to understand more about data insights, you can check out this post: Data-Driven Decision Making in Construction.

Eliminate the risk of human-based errors

As you automate more work, fewer human errors will be made. People are tend to lose focus while doing repetitive jobs manually such as time-tracking and payroll processing. Automatization in these areas will both increase the productivity immediately and decrease the man-hour specific for this jobs.

One of the most time consuming activities is the document inspection. The developments in the machine learning technology allows software analyze the documents and save people from the unpleasant work of sifting through long specs and drawings. Integrating technology and digitalizing a long and manual work will help you minimize the overlooked errors.

Share and Store the field Data

Digitalization makes live data accessible by all team members. Real-time project tracking is easier since everyone knows the project stages and make informed decisions immediately. Also, companies can store the logs, progress reports, drawings and photos in a cloud so that everyone can reach the necessary documentation from all devices. Since mobility is essential for construction works, digitalization of all data will make your employees more efficient and productive.

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