How to compete against Low-balling bids?

by Chris Hills in March 3rd, 2022

Almost all of your general contractors are dealing with low-balling bids from different subcontractors. Subs who underpay their workers, subs who don’t know the business, or subs who bid low and increase the numbers along the way with the change orders.

In this blog, we will talk about how you can step up against these competitors and win more bids against them.

Low Balling Bids

Become an expert

Becoming an expert in a niche or in general will give you a competitive edge. Being considered as experts in the sector will create a good impression on your clients. Besides successfully completing jobs, you can give seminars, presentations to architects and engineers. Let them consult you even though you are not awarded.

Give referrals and be referred

There are many companies involved with a construction project during the project lifecycle. Engineers, architects, subcontractors, and so on. They are all business professionals with who you can set up a good relationship. And they can return the favor if you refer them to a client in need.

Strengthen your relationship with vendors

You can get better deals and faster procurements from the vendors with that you have strong relationships. Especially in the pre-construction stage, good deals from the vendors will make you one step ahead of your competitors. Also, you will be more reliable in completing the job on time.

Adopt a Technological Tool to increase efficiency

Technology is improving rapidly and there are many new ways to manage your team. Your process may look like it is working but there is always something that you can improve. You can eliminate the manual tasks and digitalize them. You can save your employees time so that they can focus on the important stuff.


Lastly, when you build a relationship with a client, it is good to put yourself in their shoes. If you understand their challenges and be responsive to them, you will come into prominence.

Sometimes it is good to take a step back and think about these questions.

  • How do your GCs make money from the bid you submit?
  • Is your profitability calculations transparent with your clients?
  • Do you offer a profit advantage over your competition?

Try to answer these questions. Click here to let us show you how to build an effective bidding strategy.





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