Faster, More Accurate Estimations: AI-Based Project Analyzer

Bidding and Winning work has never been easier! Send out twice as many bids and get the most out of your Estimators, you most valuable resource!

Let us Turbocharge your estimators and be their most valuable assistant.

Bid management from building connected smart bid procore and isqft

Auto-Detect Symbols and Details in Drawings

All trade-relevant symbols and details are detected and highlighted in architectural drawings. With the automated project analyzer, we've made it possible to scan hundreds of pages in minutes.

Support your estimating team with AI power. Let them create the most accurate bids.

Everyone can make mistakes - AI does not!

Pull Material info from finish schedule. Push them to the bid.

Pull Material info from finish schedule. Push them to the bid.

AI finds the finish schedule in drawings. Based on your scope, it captures the relevant-material information and assigns it to the right symbol in the bid.

Our AI supports your team to create winning bids instead of rewriting the information from one platform to another.

No need to re-write everything anymore!

Bookmarking architectural drawings

Auto-Bookmark Architectural Drawings

AI reads every page of plans and specs and automatically bookmarks the pages with drawing numbers and names. It also groups the pages based on symbols or material types. AI can easily eliminate irrelevant pages by telling you which pages have work on them and which pages do not.

Easy navigating within architectural pages!

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