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Fast, Easy Project Registration

Fast, Easy Project Registration

Just forward the bid request email to us.

Up-front Quote

Know ahead of time how much the bid will cost

Always Accurate Estimation

Gamyte's AI and Estimation process has ensured that there have been no quantity mistakes in the last two years.

Your Labor Cost by default

5 minutes of configuration and we can calculate your labor price on every bid.

Material Pricing on your behalf, with record of material quote

We'll contact material suppliers on your behalf for material quotes.

Fully Editable Bid

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1-click Proposal

Generate a proposal at the click of a button.

All Addendums

All addendums are available

I used to spend all of my time on estimation. With Gamyte, Parastone is bidding more and winning more because I have more time to fine tune the bids.

Source 1

Ayse Duyglu

Estimator, Parastone

I have owned and run construction companies for many years. Last year I moved into commercial construction. Bidding is detailed and takes a lot of time. I would not have been able to do it without Gamyte.

Source 2

Robert Sercaru

Owner, Stoneatelier

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