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AI Based Bidding. Material Procurement. Client Management. Project Management.


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See how Gamyte's Automated Solutions for construction estimating, bidding and project management make it easier to streamline processes and optimize resources.

Meet Gamyte’s AI-based Automated Project Analyzer!

Your estimator’s new best friend and a revolutionary way to accelerate and enhance traditional estimating.

Analyze Drawings

  • Spots and highlights trade-relevant details in drawings
  • Bring together trade-relevant pages
  • Automatically creates bookmarks based on materials and symbols for easy navigation.

Auto-Detect & Extract Materials

  • Automatically finds finish schedule
  • Extracts material information of relevant symbols.
  • Automatically transfers material data to your project.

Find & Highlight Symbols

  • Automatically detects symbols based on your trade in the finish schedule.
  • Highlights symbols on each plan, section and elevation.

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