How It Works

A detailed, customizable bid delivered quickly, efficiently and with 100% accuracy – every single time

Gamyte provides a comprehensive solution for sub-contractors and specialty contractors, making it ridiculously easy to bid on new projects. Using our proprietary artificial intelligence software and our expert team of estimators, Gamyte easily and efficiently converts construction plans into proposals in one fully integrated solution.
Now, subcontractors can receive accurate quantities take-offs as well as material and labor pricing at a click of a button, saving them significant time and money.

How it Works


Forward Bid-Request email to

Receives detailed bid and back-up documentation, tweaks profit margins as required and submits bid with one click of a button.

Receives package and uses proprietary AI technology to sift through materials for relevance to your trade.

Plans are then marked-up and annotated highlighting all areas relevant to the bid.

Quantity Take-off is prepared and broken down by location (room/area) and material type.

Material analysts then procure pricing by specific material type.

Quality assurance team comes in to ensure accuracy.

Materials and quantities get entered into the Labor Pricing Model (specific to geographic market and trade).

System prepares a detailed bid document as requested by GC addressed to GC recipient provided.

Benefits of Utilizing the Gamyte Solution


It takes subcontractors days, even weeks of continuous effort to produce a quality bid. With Gamyte, this process is streamlined and results in a significant saving of the subcontractors’ time, leaving them to focus on what they do best – managing and executing their jobs!

Cost Savings

An average estimator costs between $60,000 to $150,000 annually. Gamyte can significantly reduce your estimation costs, plus provide additional services such as procuring pricing and preparing bids. The subcontractor pays a monthly subscription fee based on hours of usage, that roughly translates to less than $25 per hour.

Quality Assurance

Our artificial intelligence models and expert teams of estimators have been honed and tested to ensure accuracy in every bid.

Cloud Storage

The subcontractor’s data is stored safely and securely so they can always access their bid history, project history and rate of successfully winning projects and can track their data down to the most granular levels.