Congratulations! You’ve won the project!

Allow Gamyte to provide you with all the automated tools you need to ensure the crucial KickOff Phase of the project is seamless!

Your GCs will be amazed!


SMART Samples and Submittals

We know how time consuming the submittal process can be, and also how important it is for your client!

Gamyte automates the entire submittal process and generates a customized submittal, by material, by vendor.

Just download your submittal, attached your sample and send off.


Purchase Order

Customize and automatically generate POs to all your vendors.

Save all your POs and track them on one system.

Ensure that no material orders are missed or submitted late. 

construction scheduling software

Construction Scheduling

Customize your entire project schedule on our platform using all the data we have already generated for you.

Make sure everyone, from PMs to Supers to Labor, is on track.

Never lose money because of scheduling issues again.

Professionally formatted Gantt charts in one click.

Schedule of Values

Schedule of Values

Gamyte will automatically generate a SOV for you so you can keep track of completed work, billing and scheduling.

The SOV can be integrated into an AIA format and integrated with various billing software such as Textura.

Your accounting department and your PMs have never been happier!


Digital Kickoff Binder

Safety Manual, JHA Forms, Certifications, LEED documentation, Material Safety Data Sheets – there is a lot to produce and keep track off when kicking off a project. And a lot that your client will request.

Allow our system to customize, generate and store all of these for you. 

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