Benefits of the Gamyte Platform

accelerate estimation

Accelerate Estimation

project management

Better Manage Your Projects

& GC Relationships

Save 30% of Your Time

Refine Your Bid Strategy

Increase Profit by 10-15%


Accelerate Your Estimation With

AI-Based Automated Project Analyzer

estimation with AI


  • Sifts through documents
  • Filters out trade relevant pages
effort estimation


  • Accurate time prediction of estimation process from project registration to proposal generation


  • Finds trade-relevant symbols
  • Highlights symbols and trade-relevant keywords

Automatically Register Projects From All Bid Platforms

  • Gamyte integrates with bidding platforms such as Building Connected and Procore
  • Pulls all project details and documents with just one-click

Formulate An Effective Bidding Strategy

bidding management
  • Our smart dashboard gives you data and statistics, including bid rates and win rates, to help you get more insights.
  • Stop wasting time on freeloading GCs who only use you as a comparison estimating platform!
  • Focus on the GCs who give you a maximum return on your Investment

Efficiency and Accuracy with our One-Click Solutions

One-Click solutions for everything from proposals to material procurement to SOVs

  • No more errors, lost data, or rework when transitioning between project stages.
vendor management

One-Click E-mail to The Material Vendors

  • Full list of materials for each vendor
  • Quantities for the materials in the list
  • Material vendor database with contact info
construction proposal

One-Click Proposal Generation

  • Customizable Proposals with your logo and design
  • Pick your level of detail (e.g. location or finish based breakdown, textual or tabular view, and exact column to display)
  • Customizable margins by GC
schedule of values

One-Click Schedule of Values

  • AIA Style Schedule of Values
  • Directly integrated with your accounting programs

Historical Material Prices

construction materials
  • All your material and labor prices are stored in the system.
  • Your future bids are as easy as 1-2-3...


Estimation & Bid Management

  • Simple estimation management page
  • Predicted time and effort

Now you can assign projects to each member of your team

Also, track their progress so you can stay on top of every deadline.


Coming Soon!

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