Bidding and Winning work has never been easier! Send out twice as many bids and get the most out of your most valuable resource – your Estimators!

Let us Turbocharge your estimators and be their most valuable assistant. 

Bid management from building connected smart bid procore and isqft

AI-Based Smart Initial Analysis

Subcontractors get hundreds of bid requests and addendums a day.

How do you sort through them?

How do you decide which projects to bid?

How to you assign the right estimating resources against them?

See how Gamyte can double the efficiency of your estimators and improve your hit ratio with our SMART Mailbox Scan and AI SMART Symbol Recognition and Effort Prediction. 

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Inbox Organization

SMART SCAN sorts through your inbox. It identifies bids from your top GCs, and scans for new bids and RFIs, addendums and revisions. 

Our Scanner tools are integrated with Building Connected, iSqft, ProCore and all major bidding platforms.

construction automation

Automatic Project Registration

SMART REGISTRATION collates lists of your relevant projects and auto-populates them into our platform. The entire bid package is uploaded with one click.

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AI SMART Prediction

Our AI enabled Automated Project Analyzer (APA) performs a through initial assessment, by SMART recognition of symbol and AI predicted time and effort.

This allows you to make an informed decision on whether to bid, and to assign and schedule the resources in your team against it. 

preconstruction software importing takeoff

Intelligent Estimation

Turbocharge your takeoffs!

Our Intelligent Takeoff allows you to import quantities from any construction estimating software, and add in historic data for material prices, labor rates, waste amount, margins and tax rates.

Customize views as per your preference. Contact material vendors and import their data with one click!  

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Smart Annotations

Our APA and SMART Symbol Count saves you hours of sifting through documents.

Let our AI based algorithms provide you with your relevant locations and notes within the drawings.

You can also customize the algorithm by setting up your own symbols and let our APA run through the drawings and identify them for you.  

construction estimating software

Material Vendor Management

Once click emails automatically prepared to each material vendor.

A material database with your historical prices.

All contacts and history in one location.

Material pricing has never been easier.

construction estimating software

Customizable Takeoffs

Import your quantities to Gamyte and we will do the rest!

Historical material pricing, benchmark labor pricing, customizable margins, location based and finish based views.

Creating a winning bid is seamless.



Automated proposal generation, customized for your company. You can have your own construction proposal template.

We take the products of our Intelligent Estimation and create a proposal for you with one click. Send to as many GCs as you need.

Keep track of all the proposals you send.

All in our platform.

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