Cutting edge technology that will disrupt the way the industry bids

A web-delivered, mobile ready application

Using our proprietary software, enhanced by the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques, bids are produced in the shortest time to the highest quality. Bids are automatically populated with Labor and Material prices which can be customized based on your needs and learns your bidding personality.


Three levels of quality control including machine-based ensure 100% accuracy every time.


Machine Learning models filter out irrelevant files from large document packages.

Computer Vision-based Artificial Intelligence enhanced proprietary software identifies relevant items in the plan.

Innovative methodology allows extraction of relevant data to produce a fully priced bid.


Platform enables efficiently managing Bidding workflow, comparison between bids and tracking historical bids.

Secure storage of all date in the Cloud.

Bespoke labor pricing and margins to ensure your bids are competitive in the market place.