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bidding, estimating and billing software

Increase Productivity. Save Time. 

ONE solution with powerful tools that can streamline your entire workflow. Integrated seamlessly with your bidding, estimating and billing software.

Hard to manage your estimation team and their workflows?

Gamyte’s on it! And can save over 30% of your estimator’s time.

Difficulty keeping on top of Change Orders?

Gamyte’s on it! No change orders will go un-signed.  

one click submittal schedule of values and closeout

Eliminate the Re-work

Re-work is a huge problem in the construction industry!

4-6% of total project cost is caused by re-work.

Imagine the impact to your bottom line if you eliminate that cost!

Now, your accounting department does not have to re-create work for an SOV that has already been done by estimating. Your project managers do not need to re-write submittal information or close out information.

Its all done one time, in one place, with one click – easily accessible by everyone in your team.


Harness Your Data Better

Gamyte takes all your data, safely protected by encryption technology, and uses it to give you all the tools you need to formulate strategy for your business.

Did you know 30% of initial data created in the design and pre-construction phase of a project is lost by the time of project closeout?

Data is the main driver of all workflow from bidding to billing, ordering to installing.

But often this data sits in various different systems in excel or in some file cabinet or on numerous different platforms and is often individual project based.

Gamyte integrates all this data to provides individual project views as well as more holistic views that can help guide your business.  

construction project management software

Go Paperless. Access from any Device. Anywhere.

Still have contracts sitting in binders in a file cabinet? Your Project Managers struggling with CO logs onsite? Closeout documents wearing you down?

Gamyte allows everything related to a project to be stored in ONE cloud-based platform, which can be accessed, edited and printed from any device, by any member of your team, even when they are onsite.  

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